NVIDIA’s Innovative Approach to Target Recommendations - S818

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Get a deep dive into NVIDIA’s innovative approach to Adobe Target Recommendations and learn how its web team used the tool's many capabilities to create a personalized experience for visitors on their home page and beyond. With a diverse B2C and B2B product portfolio and thousands of digital assets, NVIDIA faced a large challenge in how to present the right content to each site visitor. To address this problem, NVIDIA's web team created a Recommended For You section on their home page that taps into the full potential of Target.

Get a walk-through of their setup and learn about:

  • How to configure your Recommendations experiences using multiple audiences, sequential criteria, the category affinity algorithm, and more
  • Building a scalable setup that works with a diverse collection of B2B and B2C content, 20+ languages, and different editorial priorities
  • Adding a filtering function to your recommendation section to give your web visitors the ability to customize their own experience

Public Track: Personalized Omnichannel Engagement

Type: Session

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