Skill Exchange: Build Reports that Matter in Marketo Engage - S292

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You've been spending time and resources building emails, nurture streams, and cool landing pages. Now it’s time to master key reports to prove the impact of your marketing initiatives. By creating these reports within Adobe Marketo, you have a better grasp on how to view data completeness. You can review database growth over time, see which accounts are visiting your website, and discover which programs are driving new leads.

In this session, learn more about:

  • Key reporting features for deeper analysis
  • Examples of attributes that you can group together for reporting
  • How to set up report subscriptions for automated reporting

Public Track: B2B Marketing

Type: Session, Skill Exchange

Technical Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Audience Type: Database Marketing Manager, Digital Marketer, Email Marketer, Content Marketer, Marketing Practitioner

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