Skill Exchange: Empower Your Team with Data Democratization - S191

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Learn how the NFL used detailed solution design docs to empower their company to unlock the power of data. Standardizing your implementation and establishing solid data architecture reduces the learning curve for employees to harness your data and make informed decisions. Ensure that your product, design, and engineering teams have a centralized repository so that everyone is working with the same goal. Level the playing field with solid documentation and sample dashboards to homogenize your data throughout your organization.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Harness your solution design document to democratize your data
  • Enable new employees to quickly get up to speed on your company’s data architecture
  • Reduce time to empowering your employees with data

Public Track: Analytics for Customer Journeys

Type: Session, Skill Exchange

Technical Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Presentation Style: Tips & Tricks

Audience Type: Business Analyst, Digital Analyst, Data Scientist, Optimization Manager

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