Project Fast Filtered - GS6-5

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Imagine shopping online for a new table and chairs, then being offered a deal you cannot miss… only to discover after delivery and assembly that the new furniture does not fit in your home. Somehow you didn’t see the dimensional details before making the purchase.

“Fast Filtered” simplifies the online shopping experience so shoppers can avoid this scenario. Using Adobe Sensei AI, the project analyzes any Adobe Commerce storefront category to identify both common and unique product details, ranging from measurements and colors to materials and key features. Users can then apply their choice of filters to surface useful data – including specific custom dimensions – and reveal differences between products for quick comparison.

In addition to utilizing Fast Filtered’s algorithm to ensure product filters are focused on their needs, users can apply a patent-pending “remove from results” feature to prune product lists with a single tap, ensuring that non-relevant results are quickly factored out of the search.

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