The Future of Customer Experience - S906

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The complexity of the digital landscape increases as the lines between physical and digital continue to blur across web channels and as new channels are created. Shifting consumer expectations will elevate marketing's role in understanding and directing the construction of new worlds and ways of working. Customer Experience teams will need to manage fluid interactions, increased collaboration with consumers, and new ways to connect data and persist identities across worlds/states. This session will cover:

  •  The latest innovations in customer experience: what’s working and what’s a bust
  •  How technologists need to plan for the future of new data and new identities
  • How AI is powering an explosion of new content and how to manage for this
  • The new skills and competencies that Customer Experience professionals will need to prepare for new waves of disruption
  • The role of deep customer insights and a digital first design approach to meet the rising expectations of the customer

Public Track: Trends and Inspiration

Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Thought Leadership

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