The Heart of Delivering Greater Impact with Connected Work - S728

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  • Jen Krempa

    Jen Krempa

    Head of Global Delivery, LeapPoint

  • Pamela Frost

    Pamela Frost

    National VP, Business Solutions, American Heart Association

  • Gina Esparza

    Gina Esparza

    National Vice President, Marketing Communications Innovation, American Heart Association


For the American Heart Association (AHA), marketing can quite literally make a life-changing impact. But when priorities and processes aren’t clear or team members struggle to get work done, the efforts of the marketing team can quickly flatline. Leaders from AHA and LeapPoint share best practices in work management and lessons learned in AHA's journey to connecting people, processes, and technology to drive greater impact.

Get a deeper understanding and real-world examples of how to:

  • Improve strategic planning and alignment
  • Make getting work done easier and more efficient, and better prioritize work and resources to increase revenues and impact
  • Support better collaboration, communication, and brand consistency
  • Increase staff satisfaction and retention

Public Track: Collaborative Work Management, Content Supply Chain

Type: Session

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Case/Use Study, Value Realization

Audience Type: Campaign Manager, Creative Leader, Digital Marketer, IT Executive, Marketing Executive, Content Marketer, Optimization Manager, Operations, Project Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Practitioner, Operations Executive

Industry Focus: Consumer Goods, Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare/Lifesciences, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Travel & Hospitality

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