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How Ben & Jerry’s made delivery delicious

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The results

  • Launched ice cream delivery in half of Ben & Jerry’s global markets.
  • Grew delivery app downloads by 50%.
  • Saved hundreds of hours of labor and thousands of dollars a month in photography.

The story

Early in 2020, Ben & Jerry’s put its beloved scoop shops on ice. The creative team’s photo shoots were frozen, too. Yet the need for product imagery hit an all-time high to promote their new ice cream delivery service and food pairings campaign in 38 global markets. 

 Without the ability to do in-person photoshoots, Ben & Jerry’s ramped up realistic 3D renderings with the same lighting, depth and texture as actual photos. Creating the images took days instead of months. It cost a fraction of the typical photo shoot. And no one could tell the difference.

 All the new images meant endless possibilities to personalize content for their fans. So the team added analytics that offered insights on which flavors and creative elements customers liked best. This empowered them to deliver just the right messages (and ice cream) to just the right customers at just the right times. 

the solutions

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