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FedEx powers e-commerce like never before

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The results

  • Increased unique visitors to by 51% and individual visits by 69%.
  • Gave customers more control over their packages with an upgraded FedEx Delivery Manager.
  • Distributed new service terms, transit times, and pricing in 220 countries and territories.


The story

Shipping and delivery have always been crucial to the e-commerce journey. Then came COVID-19, and online shopping saw unprecedented growth overnight. Suddenly FedEx became the engine of e-commerce like never before. And customers wanted increased transparency about where their shipments stood.  

FedEx not only rapidly expanded its facilities and capacity to address the deluge in shipping. It also reoriented its business around a more personalized customer journey involving greater levels of visibility and predictability. FedEx created separate customer paths for individuals, small businesses, and retailers. They also gave customers more insight and control with FedEx Delivery Manager and increased the number of notifications for each shipment.

This all came just in time, as unique visitors to surged by 51% and individual visits increased by 69%. Shipping isn’t slowing down any time soon, so FedEx continues to harness the power of digital and data science to better connect manufacturers, warehouses, and other touchpoints—all the way to customers’ doorsteps. They’re investing in new marketing technologies while aligning people and processes to handle whatever the world delivers next.


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