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HDFC delivers personalized banking at scale

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The results

  • Enhanced personalization for a truly individual experience on every platform.
  • Allowed customers to use their device of choice to complete end-to-end transactions.
  • Enabled account creation, loan applications, and investment management digitally.

The story

HDFC serves the world’s most populous country and was among the first to receive approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a private-sector bank in 1994. They place great value on customer relationships and take pride in delivering an experience above the rest. Their customers hold them to it, expecting the same digital convenience they’ve come to expect elsewhere in life. 

To meet the demands of this digital consumer, HDFC has focused on the value of customer experience across all touch points. They segment their audiences, applying laser-sharp focus to creating on-the-fly personalization and delivering banking services with the speed users demand. 

Diving deep into data and analytics, HDFC measures customer activities and adapts their approach to deliver an unmatched experience for each individual across multiple touchpoints. By creating meaningful, intuitive, frictionless journeys from start to finish, HDFC continues building long-lasting connections with their customers.

the solutions

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