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Signify lights the path to experience-driven commerce

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The story

Signify thinks of itself as a five-year-old startup with 130 years of experience. Born as Philips in 1891, the company has led the lighting world ever since. The mainstreaming of LEDs from around 2010 led to big changes in the industry. Fortunately, Philips had the foresight to innovate quickly in the right direction and went from being 70% conventional lighting in 2012 to 80% LED in 2020. 

Along the way, the lighting business of Philips branched off into its own entity and was later renamed Signify in 2018. Today, Signify is the world leader in LED lighting and connected lighting for the internet of things — in other words, the billions of systems and devices worldwide that use technology to connect and exchange data with other systems and devices online. 

The new company wanted its digital marketing to keep up with its industry-leading products. Becoming Signify, it wanted to grow its online sales and provide a great customer experience as well. It created a direct-to-consumer strategy to increase revenues and market share for products like its Philips Hue line of smart lighting. Then it developed an agile one-platform IT infrastructure, accelerating time to market and reducing IT costs in the process. Now Signify is ramping up experience-driven commerce and real-time personalization to further brighten customers’ lives online.

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