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TSB delivered digital customer care when it was needed most 

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The results

  • Maintained and even enhanced customer connections and service quality. 
  • Released 21 digital self-service forms, increasing digital self-service by 9%. 
  • Launched government loan program in just 36 hours. 
  • Processed 140,000 forms in 3 months, saving 15,000 branch visits.

The story

TSB Bank had already started investing heavily in its digital channels and self-service capabilities before the pandemic hit. But in March of 2020, it stepped on the accelerator. Through its digital-first strategy, the bank reinforced personal service in uncertain times by ensuring its services were quick, easy to use, and available 24/7.

TSB Bank quickly transformed offline forms, such as those used for address changes, bereavement, overdraft enquiries, and more, into digital formats. Soon afterward, it launched a Smart Agent chatbot which connects customers to essential self-service forms with e-signature functionality. In the three months that followed, the bank processed 140,000 forms digitally, drastically reducing unnecessary visits to branches, decreasing call center volumes, and significantly boosting customer satisfaction scores.

the solutions

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