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Walgreens makes well-being personal

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The results

  • Launched enhanced personalization for 100 million Walgreens customers.
  • Prompted 62 million downloads of the Walgreens app.
  • Offered COVID-19 screening that increased Walgreen’s FindCare app engagement by 40%.
  • Served up individual reminders to save customers trips to the store.

The story

The Walgreens team knows well that healthcare isn’t just about facts and figures. It’s about hearts and minds. Walgreens believes it serves customers best when human kindness and digital magic work together. That became even more essential as COVID-19 spread around the world in 2020, bringing healthcare front of mind and promoting the adoption of digital technology due to social distancing.

Walgreens moved fast to launch a new personalized customer experience platform supporting customers’ pharmacy, immunization, and shopping experiences in store and online. Each customer instantly gained more complete, individualized care involving everything from prescription refill reminders to special in-store savings to their own custom landing pages. Walgreens also offered 24/7 virtual access to chat with pharmacists directly.

With these efforts, Walgreens proved that it understood, cared about, and even anticipated customers’ needs, helping them optimize their health, safety, and convenience while respecting and protecting their privacy.


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