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Desktop dexterity

Closed captions in English can be accessed in the video player.

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Reset, refresh, and stretch those fingers. With so much time spent at our makeshift offices, it’s important to move your hands to improve coordination and increase dexterity. Take a few free moments to learn a new skill, impress your friends, and do something healthful for you.

We’ve got five skills for you to master—each with its own chapter in the video—so you can easily revisit and re-watch at your convenience.


  • Twirl a pen—Build your muscle memory and learn a new party trick along the way.
  • Fold the perfect paper airplane—Improve your hands’ precision and compete with your friends and family.
  • Roll a coin across your fingers—Give your knuckles some much-needed exercise.
  • Tie your shoes a new way—You probably never knew you were doing it wrong.
  • Perfect your chopstick skills—Work out your hand-eye coordination and prepare for going out to restaurants again.

Download the accompanying PDF for step-by-step instructions on each skill.

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