How The Coca-Cola Company Leverages Adobe Real-Time CDP to Achieve Incredible Global Scale - S102

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  • Matt Skinner

    Matt Skinner

    Group Manager, Product Marketing, Adobe Real-Time CDP and Adobe Audience Manager DMP, Adobe

  • Meghan Heather

    Meghan Heather

    Sr. Director of Communications & Planning, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Shekhar Gowda

    Shekhar Gowda

    Senior Director, Global MarTech Engineering, The Coca-Cola Company


Delivering a connected, cohesive, and personalized experience for your customers across channels and devices feels like the catch phrase of the moment. But what does personalization at scale actually entail and how does The Coca-Cola Company make it possible globally? It starts with data collection that’s fast and complete to create a unified view of your customers, and ends with an activation strategy focused on real-time, in-the-moment engagement that feels like it was tailor-made.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Best practices for deploying Adobe Real-Time CDP to make personalized customer experiences a reality
  • How to strike the right balance of personalization and privacy at scale
  • Lessons learned for others who might be starting in their real-time CDP journey

Industry Focus: Consumer Goods

Type: Session

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