Inside MLB: Using Data and Personalization to Create Next-Gen Fan Experiences  - S132

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  • Jen Zick

    Jen Zick

    Principal, Digital Strategy Group – Media & Entertainment, Adobe

  • Vasanth Williams

    Vasanth Williams

    Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer, MLB


In a world where more and more companies are adopting a mindset of customer centricity, Major League Baseball is leading the way at being a truly fan-first organization. By using data-driven insights and technology to understand the nuances about each fan, MLB is able to deliver scalable personalized experiences that give every fan their magical moment, whether they are in the ballpark or at home.

In this session, we will discuss: 

  • How marketers can better understand their customers through data and act on that data
  • The benefits of a customer data platform and segmentation to deliver personalized experiences along any point in the customer journey
  • MLB’s vision for driving bigger and better fan engagement through digital technologies

Industry Focus: Media & Entertainment, TV/Broadcast

Type: Session

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