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Creating simulated and digital training experiences 

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EJ Dougherty

Extended Reality (XR) Lead, Accenture Federal Services, Accenture

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Todd Burke

Principal Solutions Consultant, Adobe

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Lisa Watkins

Sr Solutions Consultant, Adobe

About the session

Military service members and civilians have been performing their work in remote locations across the world even before the pandemic. Thus, making it a challenge to travel across the world for mission-critical training. With this in mind, the military has been taking advantage of simulated and digital tools to help speed learnings in conjunction with live training tools in order to help increase skills. In this session, industry experts will share how military agencies across the world are rapidly advancing training techniques with high-quality 3D design workflows, training materials, and simulation scenarios. They’re using digital documents and electronic signatures to help service members keep processes moving forward, no matter where in the world they're stationed.  

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