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Solutions and approaches to improve employee engagement

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Martha Dorris
Founder, Dorris Consulting International

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Airis Gill
Director, Veteran's Experience Office, VA 

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Sharon Ballard
Director, Office of Internal Management and Planning, NIH 

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Janice Gonzalez
Branch Chief, Engagement and Development Branch, NIH

About the session

Meeting the changing and growing customer needs during a pandemic and beyond requires an agile, efficient, and engaged workforce. With no time to waste, agencies need to move faster, while adapting to changing policies and citizen needs. Leaders must find ways to create an engaged, collaborative, connected, and highly productive workforce. Subpar employee experiences lead to low employee engagement and can ripple through agencies impacting the delivery of critical services and information to customers when they're needed most. Join federal leaders as they discuss how the workforce experience matters and ways that technology can enable teams to be connected, productive, and focused on the agency’s mission.

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