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Keeping the wheels of justice moving on a digital track

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Jeremy Couzens

Information Technology Supervisor - Application Development, Superior Court of California 

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Heather Whitlock 

Strategic Business Development Manager - Public Sector, Adobe

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Kirk Lonbom
Director, Public Safety and Justice Strategy and Solutions Microsoft Corporation

About the session

To support the mission and avoid increasing case backlogs, our justice system needs to keep moving forward without interruption. Court hearings, witness depositions, warrants, and actual cases can all be supported by digital document workflows.  For example, many legal proceedings can be conducted online through video conferencing and virtual courtrooms. When paired with electronic signatures, law enforcement agencies (including police, courts, and corrections) are able to deliver legally binding decisions. Authors can track the approval progress in real-time. In this session, you’ll learn about technology options to keep the wheels of justice on track for your community 

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