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Centralizing government projects and assets under one platform 

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Teri takai

Teri Takai

Vice President, e.Republic 

Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers

PMO, Manager, Administrative, Office of the Courts, State of Arkansas

Megan Shipley

Megan Shipley


About the session

With the current environment of digital first now, planning for and safeguarding government continuity demands a new level of prioritization. With employees and contractors working remotely, running a patchwork of disconnected project management and asset management systems makes it difficult to manage all the moving parts. To achieve the levels of improved efficient productivity necessary for smooth government continuity, organizational leaders need to automate processes, centralize communications, resources, and connected work experiences across all government functions. Join us to learn through specific use cases how a state standardized their judicial processes and how integrations with other systems make it easy to deliver efficient, streamlined customer-facing services, as well as manage internal projects.  

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