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Reimagining processes: Renewed focus on the mission 

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Ben Vanderberg

Ben Vanderberg

Principal Technical Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

About the session

The mission hasn’t changed, but our methods have. The rush to move to remote work highlighted inefficiencies in our processes, which are really opportunities to deliver faster on our mission. The past year taught us that digital processes can create a better employment environment. Electronic workflows can cut six or more steps from a paper-based process — plus provide a clear audit trail and shared insight. By removing low-value administrative tasks like printing, emailing, and scanning, employees have more time to do valuable, high-impact work that creates employee well-being and supports our mission-critical goals. Our visitors, the public, and employees are all better served. In this session, explore how digital documents, modern forms, and electronic signatures can be built into everyday processes and integrated into existing platforms to improve the speed, security, and quality of service delivery.

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