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A B2B Digital Experience “Designed to Change Everything” - S703

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  • Joe Salling

    Joe Salling

    Digital Marketing Product & Process Owner, Volvo Trucks

  • Will Bender

    Will Bender

    Digital Communications Manager, Volvo Trucks


In the automotive industry, you typically see a bleeding edge digital user experience. The trucking industry however is typically a late adopter –as much as 5-10 years. Our goal? To introduce a best-in-class experience for Volvo Trucks. Not only to shake up our industry but change how we showcase our trucks and services. Changing platforms, developing new experiences and doing this all in less than a year,leveraging AEM Sites Edge Delivery Services.

Learn about
  • How we created an environment that would not fail even under high load
  • How we delivered a premium experience that’s capable for rapid development and change
  • How we went from design to full digital launch in 9 months

Track: Content Management, Content Supply Chain

Presentation Style: Case/use study

Audience Type: Campaign manager, Digital marketer, IT executive, Marketing executive, Data scientist, Project/program manager, Marketing practitioner, Marketing operations , Business decision maker, Content manager

Technical Level: General audience

Industry Focus: Automotive

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