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Allianz's Transformation: Unifying Data for Customer-Centric Excellence - S704

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Discover Allianz's journey towards customer-centricity through a potent customer data strategy and the adoption of a Customer Data Platform. The team overcame growth barriers, navigated hybrid models, adapted to a cookie-less future, all the while complying with regulations. The goal? Improved profitability, streamlined operations, and exceptional customer experiences.

Key takeaways:
  • Standardized global rollout based on blueprints
  • Increase efficiency in the adopting of digital marketing tools
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences in a cookie less world

Track: Customer Data Management and Acquisition

Presentation Style: Case/use study

Audience Type: Digital analyst, Digital marketer, IT executive, Marketing executive, Data scientist, Operations professional, Marketing practitioner, Marketing analyst, Marketing operations , Business decision maker, Content manager, Data practitioner, IT professional, Marketing technologist, Business development representative

Technical Level: General audience

Industry Focus: Financial services

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