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Coca-Cola: Unlocking Data to Create Consumer-Centric Commerce Experiences - S434

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  • Rohan Bhatt

    Rohan Bhatt

    Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Commerce, Adobe

  • Kevin Haag

    Kevin Haag

    VP, Customer Data Platforms, Bounteous

  • Vinay Gopinath

    Vinay Gopinath

    Director, Global Adtech/Martech Platforms Technical Product Owner, The Coca-Cola Company


How do you navigate the sea of consumer data to personalize ecommerce and marketing touchpoints for every consumer, every time? Join us as we explore Coca-Cola’s digital transformation journey to create personalized shopping experiences at scale.

In this session, Vinay Gopinath, director of Global Martech Platforms, alongside Bounteous and Adobe, will share Coca-Cola’s blueprint to help you set a clear personalization strategy, build a strong data foundation, and deliver hyper-targeted commerce and marketing experiences for your customers.

Discover how to:

  • Create a robust personalization strategy from unifying your data to delivering experiences
  • Drive revenue, engagement, and retention using ecommerce and marketing touchpoints
  • Analyze the impact of personalization to refine and otimize over time

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights that drive Coca-Cola's industry-leading consumer-centric approach.  Elevate your personalization game and revolutionize customer experiences! 

Track: Commerce

Presentation Style: Thought leadership

Audience Type: Digital analyst, Digital marketer, Marketing executive, Marketing practitioner, Marketing analyst, Marketing operations , Commerce professional, Content manager, Marketing technologist

Technical Level: General audience, Beginner, Intermediate

Industry Focus: Consumer goods, Retail

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