Adobe Experience Manager Headless Roundtable

28th February 2023 – 3 PM to 4h30 PM CET | 2 PM to 3h30 PM GMT.

“Headless” has been a buzzword for a while now and whilst many of us understand what headless is, most lack clear understanding of what it looks like working with a headless CMS and are still considering whether headless is the right approach for them to follow.

In this virtual roundtable, organized by Adobe, we’re pooling together some selected organizations from across different industries, that are considering going headless, that are in the early stage of adopting a headless approach or that are already using headless.

The objective of this session is for Adobe AEM customers to come together and learn from each other to answer key questions such as:

  • Why headless?
  • What sparked the decision to go headless?
  • What opportunities does headless CMS offer?
  • What is the ideal use-case for headless CMS?

In this session, you will also learn more about how Adobe is using Adobe Experience Manager Headless to build digital experiences and how we can best support you in your headless journey.


Time CET




Introduction to AEM Headless

Jamie Brighton


How Adobe is using Headless for better performances and content velocity.

Adobe Solution Consultant


Roundtable to cover questions such as benefits of using headless, main use cases, main challenges and much more.


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