Edge Network Server API

The Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network provides an optimised way for customers to interact with any Adobe Experience Cloud or Adobe Experience Platform Edge services.


For this Tech Academy demonstration, Adobe's Edge Network Server API was connected to an AWS backend, which is using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda to process incoming GET/POST requests. Incoming requests result in Experience Events being ingested into Adobe Experience Platform, and the response from Adobe's Edge which contains the next best offer and any other personalization information is then provided back into AWS Lambda, and then provided back to the front-end app for personalization of the customer journey.


The Edge Network Server API can be used for a variety of data collection, personalisation, advertising and marketing use cases. The Server API can be used on servers, IoT devices, set-top boxes, and a variety of other devices.

Since the Server API does not rely on any libraries to load, it provides a lightning-fast way to interact with the Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network and supported solutions.


Benefits of the Server API architecture include things like reduced page load time, improved latency, first-party data collection and streamlined, server-side communication between services.


The Edge Network Server API is a additional way to collect data and send it to Adobe's Edge server-side. The other supported client-side options that rely on Web SDK and Mobile SDK can still be used to ingest data into Adobe's Edge client-side.