How to prepare your Digital Asset Management System for the future of 3D.

With the explosion of digital channels, 3D asset creation has become the new content revolution. It is the driving force behind the need for increasingly personalized and engaging customer experiences. The challenge today is shifting from experimentation to industrialization of the rich content supply chain, both at scale and speed.​


For this special session we will are welcoming our platinum partner Valtech, who will present Amer Sports customer case and how the group has improved the experience of its distributors and e-tail customers with its various brands (Salomon, Atomic, etc.) by centralizing and simplifying the access to digital content, while strengthening its content management.

Join us for this 30 min session and learn more about:


  • how to leverage 3D tools to operationalize quick asset creation pipeline at scale
  • how to effectively collaborate and govern across distributed design, development, and marketing teams
  • why and how the content supply chain can be accelerated