Optimizing your content supply chain by integrating your tech and teams.

Optimizing your content supply chain resolves the business problem of disconnected workflows, technology, and teams that hinder an organization’s ability to effectively deliver and scale content. The end goal of how this content will be used – to power marketing campaigns, media streaming interactive experiences, or to improve the employee experience – will change and increase as new digital channels emerge.

In this session we will dissect the process of managing asset creation by connecting the creative team, the project team, and the marketing team. We will demonstrate how to seamlessly bring Creatives, Project Management, and Marketing teams together with speed and scale.

Join us for this 30 min session and learn more about:

  • how to connect creative and marketing teams so they can work more seamlessly together
  • how to improve communication flow between project team members
  • how to meet demand and increase scale and speed of digital asset creation and management.