IBM x Adobe

IBM & Adobe Innovation Series

Sustainability: Connecting the dots for Consumers

Monday 25th April 2022 - 17:00 onwards

IBM, 20 York Road, London SE1 7ND

Many organisations are on their 'sustainability journey', with some more advanced than others. As they battle with questions such as:

'What's the right sustainability proposition for this business?'

'What do we need to do to create a smooth transition to a sustainable business, with the support of our customers, business stakeholders and the market?'

...then how can organisations view the journey through their customers’ eyes and make the right decisions at the right time?


In the latest IBM global study, purpose-driven consumers, who choose products and brands based on how well they align to their values, represent the largest segment (44%) of consumers, who look for businesses that provide clarity about their sustainability journey. Shifting sustainability strategies to show greater understanding of your customers is key to gaining a competitive edge in 2022.


At this event, our panel of experts will cover topics including:

• What does ‘being a sustainable business’ mean for you and does this align with your customers’ view?

• What next steps do you need to take to use technology as your enabler to create differentiation and provide the experience your customers want?

• Example use cases of increasing customer satisfaction through sustainable solutions.