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Make every digital experience personal


Duration: 100 minutes

Make every digital experience personal. Customers demand amazing digital experiences that feel unique and tailored to their needs, every time.

The New Era is fast-paced, digital, can change in an instant, and is dominated by a new breed of customer that’s more willing than ever to take their business elsewhere. 

At the virtual showcase available for free and on demand, we will discuss what it takes to succeed in this New Era and how brands are unleashing the power of AI to personalise digital experiences intelligently, fast and creatively.

Sanne Vincent

Saint Gobain, Head of Ecommerce & Customer insights

Sanne Vincent is Head of Ecommerce & Customer insights for DK’s largest plumbing wholesaler, and is responsible for online sales, personalisation, and optimisation initiatives for Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark. She has been part of the company’s digital transformation the last decade, and responsible for growing the Adobe landscape. The aim is to deliver real-time personalised customer experiences across sales channels.

Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark’s main website BD.dk has won numerous ecommerce awards during the last 10 years in Denmark in the categories best B2B and best Omni-channel and Silver in Adobe Experience Maker award 2019 EMEA in the category “Best Data Experience”.


Welcome by moderator Adam Burns

Keynote: The business case for Real-time Personalisation, Andy Betts

Today consumers expect to be understood completely, served intuitively based on their current context, and satisfied immediately with exactly what they want, where and when they want it. But how is real-time personalisation different? What is the concrete business value?  What are challenges and risks from an organizational and technical perspective?

Presentation: Achieving Omnichannel Personalisation at Scale, Phil Starrett and Campbell Mcdermid, Adobe

Adobe Field CTO Phil Starrett and Campbell Mcdermid, Practice Director, discuss what it takes to enable real-time personalisation for organizations. We’ll discuss how organizations can start harmonizing scattered data and stitch customer profiles to create a unique real-time customer profile that can be actioned. Hear how to enable processes, data and technology to achieve standout personalized experiences.

Fireside chat: The data-driven personalisation journey in Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark, Sanne Vincent Head of Ecommerce & Customer insights, Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark

How does an organization continuously work with personalisation strategy and creating real-time customer experiences in an Omni-Channel business? Get insights into how Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark embarked on their journey from the first initial steps to hearing about their future ambitions.

Panel discussion with Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark and Adobe 


Michael Plimsoll

Andy Betts

Andy has over 15 years’ experience in formulating marketing, digital and content strategies for many of the world's leading brands, agencies and technology pioneers. Andy works closely with CEO and CMO thought leaders, executives and technology partners on strategic marketing, digital and content marketing strategies.

He has also spends considerable time consulting, and travelling across the World, for many digital and content marketing technology startups -- working on research, event and publication projects.

Andy has worked at the C-level with leading brands such as HP, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, HSBC, United Airlines, Adobe, Apple, American Express and Fidelity International.

He has also consulted on digital marketing projects with many of the world’s leading agencies such as Publicis, Aegis, Starcom, Digitas, Zenith Optimedia, GroupM and WPP properties.

Michael Plimsoll

Phil Starrett, Adobe Field CTO, Adobe

Adobe Field CTO Phil Starrett discuss what it takes, from a technology and business perspective, to enable real-time personalization for organizations. We’ll discuss how organizations can unify fragmented data from the digital and physical worlds to create a unique real-time customer profile that can be actioned in realtime. Hear how to enable processes, data and technology to achieve standout personalized experiences.

Michael Plimsoll

Campbell Mcdermid, Practice Director Digital Strategy Group at Adobe

Campbell is interested in how customer experiences and the digital and physical worlds interact. How does data and information get acquired, enriched and grow, how can this be used sensitively to help brands get better connected to their customers. Digital marketing is changing the way in which customers, partners and employees interact. At the heart of this shift is data and how data can be acquired and used to create a single view of your customer through any channel or by any device.
He consults with customers on digital strategy & transformation helping them to articulate their business challenges and collaborate to create innovative solutions that place their customers at the heart of their operations. It is a mixture of "Art"​ (Brand purpose) and "Science" (data lead insights) to optimise customer experiences.

Michael Plimsoll

Adam Burns

Adam helps create genuinely engaging business events where everybody interacts and everybody learns.

In over 20 years as business writer, he has interviewed 1000s of business and thought leaders, including Herbert Hainer, who redefined Adidas, and the brilliant Tony Hsieh, who built Zappos and defined the modern customer experience.

He has spoken at major conferences like CeBit, hosted over 10,000 hours of business events, and written/reported for national and international brands, including Channel 5, news.sky.com, and reuters.com.

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