Thinking beyond the third-party cookie.

on Thursday 14th July 2022
in Shoreditch, London
At 3pm – 5pm (followed by drinks) 

Hosted by Steve Allison, Adobe Strategic Marketing EMEA

at our Customer Excellence Center (CEC)


When you next go to the cookie jar, don’t be surprised if there aren’t any left!


By early 2023, all major web browsers will have phased out third-party tracking cookies to respect the growing call for customer data privacy. For most marketers, this paradigm shift presents enormous challenges as they reimagine their strategies for customer acquisition.


Yet third-party cookies are inherently problematic, from limited targeting capabilities to inaccurate attribution. Their loss presents an opportunity to provide a smaller group of high-value customers with higher-calibre and increasingly personalised experiences—in other words, to replace indiscriminate targeting with real value at every step of the customer journey.  


During this event we will discuss: 

  • The perks and pitfalls of 3rd party cookie depreciation. 
  • Moving to a first- and second-party data strategy. 
  • Data partnerships – how do they work? 
  • The importance of data governance and trust


Our experts will be on hand to answer your questions and you are welcome to join us for a drink’s reception after the event.


This is an in-person only event, to secure your place simply register.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 


We look forward to seeing you.



Adobe team

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