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The Secret to a High-Performing Content Supply Chain: Data Standards - S728

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How can you be confident that your content decisions deliver business results? By establishing an enterprise content supply chain. A content supply chain is the foundation for bringing together people, tools, and workflows from ideation to measurement. However, fueling personalization requires content — lots of content! Getting the right content to the right place and time requires robust data strategies, management, and a single source of truth. Join IBM and Claravine to learn how you can equip your organization with a robust digital foundation to manage and scale content creation and implement tools to future-proof your content supply chain.
Explore the key pillars for a successful approach, including how to:
•    Implement and manage a common data model for tracking assets across campaigns and channels
•    Effectively govern and scale generative AI content
•    Foster collaboration across teams to streamline the content creation process

Track: Content Management, Content Supply Chain, Generative AI

Presentation Style: Case/use study, Thought leadership

Audience Type: Advertiser, Campaign manager, Digital analyst, Digital marketer, IT executive, Marketing executive, Audience strategist, Data scientist, Web marketer, Operations professional, Marketing practitioner, Marketing analyst, Marketing operations , Business decision maker, Content manager, Data practitioner, Email manager, IT professional, Marketing technologist, Omnichannel architect, Social strategist

Technical Level: General audience

Industry Focus: Advertising/publishing, Consulting/agency, IT professional services

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