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Making the Leap with Generative AI to Scale Personalized Experiences - S911

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  • Ash King

    Ash King

    Director, GenAI Consulting, Adobe


Generative AI continues to revolutionize how marketing organizations can increase productivity when creating content for personalized experiences across email, display, web, and more. Hear how organizations are moving from linear content flows to a live assembly with content variants, taking advantage of both metadata and profile attributes to achieve 1:1 personalization by leveraging Sensei GenAI capabilities. Transform your content lifecycle into an experience lifecycle that turns manageable variations into exponential options.

Learn how to:

  • Use Adobe Firefly and Adobe’s LLM services to create variants of “hero” content to improve customer engagement
  • Leverage metadata, profiles, and insights to drive a content flywheel, optimizing the right content for the right customers
  • Create efficient and effective governance processes and workflows for brand safety

Track: Generative AI

Presentation Style: Case/use study

Audience Type: Advertiser, Campaign manager, Digital analyst, Digital marketer, IT executive, Marketing executive, Audience strategist, Data scientist, Web marketer, Project/program manager, Product manager, Marketing practitioner, Marketing analyst, Marketing operations , Business decision maker, Content manager, Data practitioner, Designer, Email manager, IT professional, Legal/privacy officer, Marketing technologist, Omnichannel architect, Social strategist

Technical Level: General audience, Intermediate, Advanced

Industry Focus: Advertising/publishing, Automotive, Commerce, Consulting/agency, Consumer goods, Education, Financial services , Government, Healthcare and life sciences, High tech, Industrial manufacturing, Media, entertainment, and communications, IT professional services, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel, hospitality, and dining, Distribution/wholesale

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Meet Adobe GenStudio, a generative AI-first product to unite and accelerate your content supply chain.