Rich Media Mastery: Getting the Most out of Dynamic Media

Maxwell Mabe, Clint Goudie-Nice — Adobe

Many organizations continue to rely on outdated tools and modes of working simply because they aren’t aware of what can be realized with modern technology. With expectations for personalized experiences more prevalent than ever, even a momentary delay in getting content to market can have a huge impact on both your brand and bottom line. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have ushered in a workflow renaissance, giving us the tools to achieve synergies never possible before. Adobe Experience Manager Assets and the Dynamic Media add-on can dramatically reduce or eliminate tedious tasks, freeing up time to put your energy and creativity to better use.

Join this session to learn how to do the following:

  • Process and publish experience-optimized assets at enterprise scale.
  • Configure AI-powered Smart Crop to cut down on the time and cost associated with point-of-interest cropping, completing what takes months of manual editing in only a matter of minutes.
  • Dramatically reduce and automate the workload required to deliver device-optimized video experiences with intelligence.

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